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 個人での活動の他、演劇とのコラボレーションや、女性アーティストコレクティブであるSabbatical Company ( 2015- ) や、年表制作を目的としたTimeline Project ( 2019 - ) の設立、運営に携わる。活動の複数性は、美術の枠組みにおける境界の解明としても展開されており、作品のコンセプトと目的を同じくして行われている。

My artwork theme is travel and map, and my purpose of creative activity is contact with other worlds and others, and elucidation of their boundaries.
The cosmic and social perspective of my works is inspired by science fiction novels and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI), a field of astronomy, and based in the history of human imagination and development in the history of human great migration and cross the frontier.
The sense of play has been using in the formative nature of my works, and I have been developing my works by freely moving back and forth through the scales imagination of time, space, and gravity, starting from visual and tactile physical reality.


In addition to individual activities, I am involved in collaboration with theater, the establishment and management of the female artist collective the Sabbatical Company (2015-), and the Timeline Project (2019-), which purpose of create timeline of "female" artists. 

The plurality of my activities also unfolds as an elucidation of boundaries within the framework of art, which is consistent with the concept and purpose of my work.

渡辺泰子 美術

Yasuko WATANABE artist website 美術作家 渡辺泰子 ウェブサイト

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